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VPG is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems and components based on its resistive foil technology, sensors, and sensor-based systems; specializing in the growing markets of stress, force, weight, pressure, and current measurements.

Our products include precision foil resistors, foil strain gages, and sensors that convert mechanical inputs into an electronic signal for display, processing, interpretation, or control by our instrumentation and systems products. Precision sensors are essential to the accurate measurement, resolution and display of force, weight, pressure, torque, tilt, motion, or acceleration, especially in the legal-for-trade, commercial, and industrial marketplaces.

Foil Technology Products Brands
Producer of Ultra-Precision Bulk Metal® Foil resistors.
  • TCR of 0.05 ppm/°C
  • ESD immunity > 25KV
  • Tolerance : 0.001%
Providing high-precision strain gages, custom sensors, installation accessories, and instruments for test and measurement applications.
Force Sensors Brands
Comprehensive product range suited to meet all your load cell requirements.
Weighing and Control Systems Brands
Providing solutions for process weighing and force measurement systems
Providing solutions for on-board weighing, overload protection, and special scales systems.